Projects and future gigs

State of Alarm 15th-16th Oct

Mark Anderson will be working in collaboration with; Jony Easterby, Liam Walsh and Mathew Olden.

Creating series of sound installations which reflect our 'state of alarm'.

We will be working on site for the first two weeks of October with a small event at the weekend of the 15-15 Oct.

This page will show work in progress:

Ocean Brain

Ocean Brain is a Stans Cafe project, partly inspired by the writings of Julien Offray de la Mettrie's "Man a Machine".

In July 21 Mark spent a week of R&D with Stans Cafe, (James Yarker and Craig Stevens) Squid Soup, Liam Walsh, Brian Duffy  and Tiiu creating a smaller version of Ocean Brain.

The initial R&D was successful, and we all hope the full size 7mx7m version will be commisioned and built for 2022.

These are a few images, from the R+D, and initial reworking of the instalation 'Sound Field' for incorperating inside the Ocean Brain.

This is a shgort video of inside the Ocean Brain during R+D