Furious Folly 2015-18

"Furious Folly is inspired by the Dadaists, and the writers, poets, philosiphers, radicals and ordinary people who rejected the propoganda and jingoism peddled by the leaders, politicians, big business and the priviledged elite of countries and empires as they squabbled for power, with their ususal contempt for the lives of ordinary people and the destruction wrought in the process." Mark Anderson

In Furious Folly, Mark Anderson leads a team of artists who draw on the anti-war spirit of the early 20th century Dadaist movement. Railing against the futility of the Great War and the madness of the batlefield, Furious Folly challenges the inhumanity and the senselessness of conflicts past and present. Taking place, as night falls, are taken on a journey, ending up in no-mans land between the two lines, disorientated they find themselves immersed within an open-air collage of sound, kinetic devices, pyrotechnics and performance.

“In Zurich in 1915, losing interest in the slaughterhouse of the world war, we turned to the Fine Arts. While the thunder of the batteries rumbled in the distance, we pasted, we recited, we versified, we sang with all our soul. We searched for an elementary art that would, we thought, save mankind from the furious folly of these times.” Hans Arp founder of the Dadaist movement.

Furious Sound

Interview with Furious Folly creator Mark Anderson

Produced by Corn Exchange Newbury and OCM. Co-commissioned by Town of Poperinge and 14-18 NOW. Created at 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space..