Wind driven electronic sound installation, using Atari Punk Synthesisers, and computer fans.

Phantom Field 2013

Twenty one Wind Synthesisers  form the installation “Phantom Field”, creating a swirling buffeting soundscape.  The Wind Synthesisers use an Atari Punk Synthesiser (built and modified by Graham Calvert) and a modified computer fan to transform the slightest breath of wind into a soaring electronic choir controlled and conducted by the wind. During the day of each show the Wind Synthesisers are adjusted and played by the artist to create swirling harmonics, and gale force sirens.

Phantom Field was part of Audible Forces, produced by Oxford Contemporary Music, which brought together seven sound artists Max EastleyMark Anderson, Jony Easterby, Kathy HindeDan FoxNathaniel Mann and Mike Blow. to create a touring landscape of wind-driven sound installations. Intriguing kinetic, sonic creations producing other-worldly sounds as nature’s unseen force breathe life into them.

Around 23,000 people saw Audible Forces during its tour to seven UK festivals over the summer of 2013, 

Phanton Field went on to feature as part of OCM's Christmas Lights Festival in 2015, when it was installed outside the Pitt Rivers Museum, for two nights. 

It was also shown at Fort Process festival in 2018


Sound recording Greenwich 2013