Sound Field 2013

Buzzing, vibrating, tapping, drumming, the sound field is an intense immersive sonic experience, where the basic elemental form of music/rhythm-making draws inspiration from the animal and insect world, to create a sound that shifts and moves, encompassing the listener in a sea of primal cadence.

The audience walk into the sound field and hear sound move across in waves, through and around them, sometimes just single clicks/taps other times vibrating arpeggios of sound like a swarm of insects moving through the field.

Sound Field was created by Mark Anderson and Liam Walsh for a mini tour, Playing the Field produced by Sound Uk in 2013, with specially designed software by the Mathew Olden AKA The Mighty Jungulator.

It has since appeared in various other forms as the Cicada Telegraph, in For the Birds, Sounding the River, Enchanted Parks Gateshead, and OCM Christmas Light Installations

A new version was created for Furious Folly where the flashing and tapping become rifle/gun fire, 


All photos  M Anderson