Sounding the River 2013

An artist led collaboration celebrating Birminghams forgotten river Rea 

Mark Anderson, Jony Easterby, Kathy HindeAnna LucasUlf Pedersen, Red Earth.

The project explored the River Rea as a key connecting point for Birmingham, revealing its often hidden route through the centre of the city and its celebrating its connections by creating a dynamic night time journey of sound, light and performance, which flowed from mac arts center along some 2.5km of riverside and woodland trails.

The work included over twenty installations and performances spread out over river walkways parkland and woodland.

Mark Anderson created three new pieces for the show, 'Fire flies', 'Kingfishers', and 'Strike!' They have all gone on to become major works in other shows, For the Birds, Furious Folly, and Power Palnt.

The event took place over four nights in October 2013 and was attended by over 3000 people.