State of Alarm

State of Alarm was a multi installation sound and light live performance over two nights at the Sydney Nolan Trust, in Oct 2021,

Created by Mark Anderson and Jony Easterby after a short residency at the Trust, they were joined by four long term collaborating artists Mathew Olden, Pipa Taylor Liam Walsh and Harriet Wallis.

Tuned by the landscape of West Wales, combining natural and Indusrtrial materials State of Alarm blends digital and analogue composition with sound/kinetic sculpture, video projections fire and light, to explore new creative ideas in response ‘the state of alarm’ ecologically, socially and politically we are experiencing in the world today.

Mark Anderson created a number of new pieces for State of Alarm, which with other new works will become part of a new touring show, called 'Amber Warning Notes'.