Illuminati Botanica 2015

Illuminati Botanica, York Botanical Gardens 2015 part of Illuminating York.

Mark Anderson, Jony Easterby, and Ulf Pedersen transformed the beauiful Botanical Gardens in York, setting their work within gardens and the medieval ruins of St. Mary’s Abbey. Mark created a new version of 'Bonsai Moving Shadows' from Power Plant show in Hong Kong, projecting huge shadows over the ruined Abbey walls, it also featured his Fire Flies dancing, Night Flying Hunters traveling over the audience and Kinetic flowers nestling in the rockery garden.The show attracted thousands of visitors, to wide acclaim.

"This walking trail culminates in the Museum Gardens where York’s botanical gardens have been transformed by Trophic Cascade’s trio of Jony Easterby, Ulf Pederson and Mark Anderson into Illuminati Botanica, the festival’s one installation with an admission charge. Anderson’s Kinetic Flowers, spinning crazily in the night, is a particular joy." York Press.